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Moscow hotels - where to stay

How many movies are filmed about Moscow, how many songs are sung and this colorful city continues to excite minds, unite hearts and give hope! For many people Moscow opens the door to the future, promises the beginning of a bright life, it is a city of great opportunities –enthusiasts from around the world come here every day. The inhabitants of the city are so cosmopolitan that you can find goods from any part of the world, taste the national cuisine of every nation, and make the most interesting acquaintances. Moscow is the world in miniature.

What to do and what to see
The starting point is usually the Red Square, if you have enough time then go to the museums and churches of the Moscow Kremlin. Hence, feel free to go for a walk around Moscow, even without a guide you will see a lot of interesting and memorable places. Tverskaya Street is the thoroughfare of the city where the flow of people go on business in different directions. Respectable hotels in Moscow are located not far from the Tverskaya Street: The Ritz-Carlton, Sheraton Palace, Ararat Park Hyatt. National Hotel is famous for its historical past. Almost opposite the Bolshoi Theater there is another historic building - the Hotel Metropol.

The Old Arbat street attract travelers by specific atmosphere. It is a shelter for the Bohemians - artists, antique dealers, writers and actors. A wide range of exclusive souvenirs will please the tourists. Faro Hostel will suit friendly company as there are enough clubs and bars around. read more

Night Moscow parties bright, all days of the week the dance floors are crowded – the capital really knows a lot about entertainments. If you want to visit such memorable picturesque places as Victory Park, Lenin Hills, All-Russian Exbition Center then use the subway.

Where to stay
Moscow is a large and expensive city but it is better to choose a hotel closer to the center. Pay attention to the area inside the belt-line, no more than 3-5 stops beyond. There are good hostels with small 4-bed rooms: Safari Hostel, Chicago Hostel, 3 Penguins Hostel on Pyatnitskaya, Hostel Narnia. There are decent areas near the following metro stations: Prospekt Mira (TIPO Hotel); Chistiye Prudy (Mama Ro Apartments at Chistye Ponds); along the Belarusian-Chekhov line (TVST Apartments, Boutique-hotel Chenonceau); triangle Smolensk-Tretyakov-October (Bagration Hotel, Warsaw Hotel , Apartment on Tretyakovskaya).

How to choose the best hotel
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