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Portugal hotels — where to stay

Many tourists who are not yet familiar with Portugal define it as a beach resort somewhere on the edge of Europe: long Atlantic coast creates a such-like image. However, such a form of recreation is not an indicative of the country. Moreover, the Ocean warms to a comfortable temperature only in the south, in Algarve, and the whole of Portugal should not be judged by the resort areas of Albufeira or Vilamoura, mostly oriented to tourists. The most interesting places, people, events are expected travelers on the way along the wine region of Alentejo, through Lisbon and to the north – to the beautiful city of Porto. It is a decent travel itinerary for Portugal. Rent a car or Renex company bus and happy trails!

What to do and what to see
Bright metropolitan squares, alleys of the old quarter Alfama, the attractions of the Belém district will be stored in your camera's memory. read more

But you should leave Lisbon for a day trip to Sintra. Castles, palaces, fortresses, and of course, stunning panoramic views await you. It is possible that the beauty of Sintra will make you spend here more time, so you can stay overnight in the hotel Tivoli: central location and free parking are its main advantages.

A postcard-like town of Obidos is located within the ancient city wall. Numerous tour groups stop by here for a couple of hours. It is enough to drink a cup of chocolate cherry liqueur Ginjinha, buy handmade souvenirs, and walk through the residential quarter. Magic enters the city in the evening when the tour buses leave and iron lamps light up the streets. We strongly recommend spending the night in Obidos: Casa de S. Thiago do Castelo.

You can try delicious suckling pig (Leitão à Bairrada) in Coimbra and its surroundings. On the steep streets of Coimbra you will often meet young people in fluttering black cloaks and cocked hats. They are not aristocrats of the bygone era. They are students of the oldest Portuguese university where traditions are honored much. A few kilometers from the city there is a park ensemble of the five-star castle hotel Palace Hotel do Bussaco.

Province of Minho is a part of North Portugal that is not so popular among tourists. But it is here where the famous green wine Vinho Verde is produced (closer to Monção), and the restaurants offer tender Barrosã beef. By the way, green wine can be white, pink or red in fact.

Lake in the craters of volcanoes, whale migration path, natural parks, and fresh seafood – all this awaits you at nine Azores Islands, distant and unknown. The island of Madeira also belongs to Portugal, but it was spoiled much by the attention of tourists and places lost its zest.

Where to stay
Luxury hotel, located in a historic building in Portugal, whether it is an ex convent or palace, is called Pousada: Palácio do Freixo (Pousada do Porto), Santa Marinha (Pousada de Guimarães).

An alternative to a classic hotel is a guesthouse – Pensão or Residencial. There are lots of them in every city, the prices are moderate: Pensão Residencial Portuense (Lisbon), OportoHouse (Porto), Residencial Centro Comercial Avenida Bragashopping (Braga), Pensão O Laranjeira (Viana do Castelo).

Studying winemaking in the valley of the River Douro choose one of the village estates for a total atmosphere immersion: Hotel Rural Quinta de Santa Cruz, Casa dos Varais. If you visit the region in October there is a chance to take part in the grape harvest and try to crush wine berries with your feet.

How to choose the best hotel
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