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Malaysia hotels — where to stay

Malaysia is surrounded by the famous resort-countries of Southeast Asia. Adventure travellers manage to across the borders of several countries at a trip, enjoying in each place the best things. The main features of Malaysia are the high level of development, quality lifestyle and a positive atmosphere in general. Here you will not find rushing tuk-tuk drivers or annoying vendors on the beaches, unsavory public or business. The situation on the streets allows walking at night without terror of your life and property. The air travel within the country works properly. Though the majority of the population is Muslim there is no alcohol ban in the country, but the manner of law-abiding behavior is clearly seen. However, there are enough exotic things in Malaysia as well: monitor lizards walk on the islands around hotels and harmless monkeys swarm in the thickets.

What to do and what to see
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By nightfall, countless lights illuminate the city. Petronas Twin Towers is a well-recognized landmark and cause immediate interest among tourists. Nearby there is the Menara KL TV Tower with an observation deck and a revolving restaurant. You can admire the panorama of the city from your own room if you choose one of the skyscraper-hotels in this area: Pacific Regency Hotel Suites, Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur.

Along the coast of West Malaysia at a short distance from the mainland there are several islands. Penang Island is less suited for swimming: muddy bottom deprives water transparency and there are jellyfish. However, in terms of sightseeing and entertainment program it is a great place. There is an amazing variety of architectural styles, from colonial mansions to Buddhist temples. Among the hotels Eastern & Oriental Hotel in the heart of George Town – UNESCO World Heritage Site – is especially luxurious. And the Hard Rock hotel, right on the beach, half an hour from the city, is the best choice for amusement leisure.

Kinabalu National Park in Borneo invites you to get familiar with the unique flora and fauna of the country. The Coast of Kota Kinabalu attracts by available prices for five-star hotels with pools, golf courses, spas, and stunning sunsets: The Magellan Sutera, Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa, The Pacific Sutera.

Where to stay
Malaysia offers tourists a vacation paradise in the hotels of different price categories on the islands of the warm South China Sea: white sandy beaches, clear water, and no noisy traffic. On the island of Perhentian, on its small part Kecil, near a wonderful beach there are just five cozy bungalows: for example, Petani Beach Chalet. The main activities here are snorkeling, boat trips, leisurely meals in local restaurants and meeting new people.
There is a fashionable hotel The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort on the Redang Island which offers a combination of excellent service and tranquil landscapes of an equatorial climate.

The furthest one from the capital is the island of Tioman but diving and local nature are worth it. You can travel between beach areas by boat. Comfortable hotels (Bagus Place Retreat, Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort) or inexpensive chalets (Bamboo Hill Chalets) are at your disposal.

How to choose the best hotel
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