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Japan hotels — where to stay

Journey to Japan is a generous gift. It is a small island nation in the Pacific Ocean but with a great history and rich culture. Japan Traditions are carefully passed on from generation to generation bringing the elements of modern life to the ancient customs. Technological progress does not interfere with the authentic looks and lifestyle of the residents of the country. Due to the high performance of the Japanese the developing of science and technology is ahead of the world standards. Back in 1964, the high-speed train Shinkansen covered the distance of 515 km between the cities of Tokyo and Osaka for 4 hours. Today, the shortest travel time is two and a half hours. The ability to quickly move around the country allows tourists to plan a rich guided tour.

What to do and what to see
Mount Fuji is one of the symbols of the country. read more

There are many legends and superstitious beliefs connected with it, for example: if you see it on New Year's night in your dreams it means good luck. Those who want to get on top can do it on their own; the most favorable months for this are July and August. One of the options is to stay overnight near the Five Lakes (Inn Fujitomita, Koe House), wait for a good weather and go.

Kyoto can be called the cultural capital of Japan thanks to Temple Kiyomizu-dera, Golden Pavilion Kinkaku-ji, the Silver Pavilion Ginkaku-ji and cherry trees of the Philosopher Roads. The Ryōan-ji Garden is famous for the fact that you always see only 14 stones, but in fact they are 15. In the quarter Gion it is interesting to watch geisha (do not confuse it with a quarter of the ‘red light district’ Shimabara). Kyoto is a leader in the number of ryokans, hotels in a traditional Japanese style with certain rules a list of which is even sometimes sent to the customers after the booking (Hakone Ginyu, Hiiragiya Ryokan, Tomiya Ryokan, Yachiyo Ryokan). For example, the ladies are advised not to use perfume as during a meal the odor can prevent the perception of flavors of Japanese cuisine.

From Hiroshima there is a ferry to the island of Miyajima (Itsukushima). The Sanctuary of the island is the national wealth. The ritual gates Torii Passing under the water with the high tide are often depicted on souvenirs.

Where to stay
For a convenient tour around Japan you can choose the city of Nagoya and book there a comfortable hotel (Toyoko Inn Nagoya-eki Sakuradori-guchi Shinkan). It will be covinient to go every day to a new part of the country by train or bus from the center of the island of Honshu buying a travel Japan Rail Pass.

Swimming pool with water from a thermal spring is called in Japan ‘onsen’. Sometimes tourists plan their trip based on the location of the best of them: Shirahama Sakinoyu Onsen, Tsurunoyu Onsen, Arima Onsen. There are onsens in many Japan hotels (Okunikko Konishi Hotel, Shinonome-So Inn, Zao Kokusai Hotel); some hotels offer private baths in each room (Yukyunohana Ryokan Gero Onsen); there are large spa complexes as well (Suginoi Hotel, Mahoroba Hotel, Kushimoto Royal Hotel). If a pool is located in the open air in places with a beautiful view and healthy energy then it is ‘Rotenburo’, for example, Tsuru-no-yu roten-buro. Prices in hotels with rotenburo baths are quite high: Fuji Onsenji Yumedono.

How to choose the best hotel
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