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Speaking about this town they say that different times are like the clotheslines drawn between the balconies. It divides Dalmatia into two almost equal parts and remembers almost the entire history of the human race, from the ancient Romans till the present time. It is about the Croatian resort of Split.

What to do and what to see
The Croats think that it is impossible to find more controversial architecture in the whole country than in Split. And they are right as there is an unimaginable mix of styles of which the most daring contemporary artists and architects have not even dreamt. Many tourists jokingly called Split the city of ruins but there is almost no truth in these words. Ancient Roman buildings (Diocletian's Palace, the Temple of Jupiter, and the walls of salons) survived here much better than in Rome. For the sake of unusual photos you can go to the old man Grgur Ninski – his stone sculpture will leave no traveler indifferent. Do not forget to ride on a pleasure boat to the nearby islands because they also hide a lot of secrets and with pleasure will show you the gorgeous landscape.

A good complement to the experience of Split will be the old hotel St Luke Residence located in a building which history dates back more than three hundred years. It is said that the stone walls of this hotel can tell many interesting stories to the most considerate customers.

Where to stay
Earlier only the noblemen inhabited the palaces but the hotels in Split radically changed the situation. read more

Hotel Palace Judita Luxury Rooms located in the ancient castle let every tourist feel like if not a king then at least a prince. Those who want to be surrounded with luxury in every detail will like Le Meridien – the best hotel not only in Split but in the whole of Dalmatia.

How to choose the best hotel
A good hotel is one of the keys to an enjoyable holiday. Do not waste time in vain, searching the hotel prices on the websites of Split – it is better to use it to buy proper shoes for walking around the resort, and the service ClickToTrip will care for the choice of the hotel.

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