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Hong Kong

Hong Kong hotels — where to stay

Hong Kong is a truly unique place. Many thinks it is a city, however according to the law it is a special administrative district. Three-quarters of its area is covered with forests but fantastic skyscrapers are found everywhere along the age-old trees. Here you can go by subway not only underground but also under the water. Many things in Hong Kong remind about the British rule: the weight is measured in pounds, there are vintage double-decker trams. Despite the large population there is order everywhere without garbage in the streets, traffic jams and other attributes of a modern metropolis.

What to do and what to see
The first thing that comes to mind when you hear ‘Hong Kong’ is shopping. Thanks to the absence of some taxes prices are much lower than in the rest of the world. Here you can buy everything: cheap photo equipment (note that the warranty on is covered only on the territory of Hong Kong), fashion merchandise (or high-quality copycats), electronics. read more

Hong Kong is a paradise for fans of bakery foods as cakes and biscuits are sold almost at every corner and there are lots of confectioneries.

Do not forget to visit the Avenue of Stars where you can admire the prints of famous Asian actors and take pictures with the statue of Bruce Lee.

Hong Kong is the city of entertainment and the most interesting begins after dark. At eight o'clock in the evening the laser show, unprecedented in its scale, starts.

If you want to spend time on a beach it is better to go to the islands which also belong to Hong Kong. The coast here is quite clean, the waves allow surfing.

You can relax after long walks in a cozy hotel room, for example, at the Island Pacific. Small tidy rooms, friendly staff and excellent service will no doubt brighten your holiday.

Where to stay
Without exception, all the tourists say that the service in Hong Kong hotels is much better than in many European countries, even if it is just a three-star accommodation. However, the cost of living is a little higher as well. Do not be afraid to choose the hotels away from the center of the city as transport works very well – you can reach almost any corner by subway, at night you can take a bus. The rooms in the hotels are quite small, though rather cozy. Many of the hotels are built tightly to the neighboring houses so you should ask about the window view while making the reservation.

Wharney Guang Dong is one the best of the low-cost hotels in Hong Kong. There is a fitness center and several restaurants, it is located close to the subway station, and the rooms are decorated in Japanese and European styles.

If you want a luxury then The Excelsior, one of the most famous hotels in Hong Kong, is at your service. Picturesque interiors, stunning views of the harbor and the perfect service fully justify the name of the hotel (it translates as ‘the best of the best’).

How to choose the best hotel
It is quite easy to know your way around Hong Kong due to many signs and maps on the streets. It is also easy to find the best hotel if you use the site ClickToTrip. It will turn the choice of hotels into a pleasant job that takes just a few minutes. User-friendly price comparison procedure will help you to make the right choice and provide excellent vacation in Hong Kong.

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