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Blackpool hotels - where to stay

The seaside resort of Blackpool is so popular in England that at least once every resident of the country came for a holiday there. The tourist season begins in late March and lasts until November. A bright finale, bright in the literal sense, is the festival of lights ‘Blackpool Illuminations’ when hundreds of light installations decorate the coast. This is not only an amazing spectacle but also a tribute to the history as Blackpool is the first city in the country where the electricity was supplied. Those who have to do with ballroom dancing know Blackpool very well. Each year, the halls of the Winter Gardens Palace become a stage for the performances of professional dancers from all over the world.

What to do and what to see
All the interesting events in Blackpool happen around the waterfront ‘The Promenade’ what is quite typical for a seaside resort. The trams of different ages and shapes go along the waterfront. They have become an integral symbol of the city. Double-decker or open-top trams in the form of a boat are popular objects to take photos.

Walk among three piers: southern, central and northern. Near the southern there is an amusement park ‘Pleasure Beach’ and an indoor water park ‘Sandcastle Water Park’. If you travel to Blackpool with children it is the best area to stay overnight. The customers of The Big Blue Hotel get to the water amusement ride right out of the hotel. Ferris wheel on Central Pier will show you Blackpool in all its glory. read more

The best place to relax with a glass of delicious English beer overlooking the sea is the beer garden of the north pier.

Where to stay
Hotels in Blackpool are beyond praise! Cleanness, good service, hospitality meet the highest hotel standards. The more pleasant is that it concerns mid-priced hotels: Mardi Gras Guest House, Glenheath, The Chelston Bed and Breakfast, Wilmar, Bamford House. Five-star suites of the Number One South Beach hotel is an example of perfect design and high comfort. The Imperial is a hotel with rich history. Along with the coastline pay attention to the options in Stanley Park, the corner of wondrous nature: Village Urban Resort hotel offers spa services, and there is a city zoo a stone’s throw away.

How to choose the best hotel
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ClickToTrip warns that in off-season some public places and parks in Blackpool are closed.

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