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Cannes hotels - where to stay

Gorgeous, beautiful, unusual Cannes! How many times have you watched them on TV dirung the running commentary of the famous festival? It is time to go to France and see the city with your own eyes, feel the magic of this place, walk on the Avenue of Stars and enjoy the fashion novelties in the windows of numerous boutiques.

What to do and what to see
There are cities where you will never get bored. Cannes is one of them. There is always something to do here. Ancient Observatory is waiting for anyone who wants to try to predict the future by the stars or just admire the beauty of the celestial bodies. In August, the city is overcrowded because astrologists from around the world arrive at the annual convention. The famous Festival Palace, which was built to host the festival, is not empty either – monthly Cannes hosts a variety of exhibitions, competitions, fairs that attract almost all of France inhabitants.

You can easily get to nearby Nice – luxurious and aristocratic, and the most venturesome are offered to go to Monte Carlo.

Having walked along the Croisette go straight to the hotel InterContinental Carlton Cannes – the most famous hotel of the city where many celebrities stayed.

Where to stay
It may seem that the hotel prices in Cannes are quite high but it is only at first glance. You can find cheap lodging right in the center of the city, for example, in Hotel Le Canberra. Quiet and cozy place near the Croisette attracts with not only a great service but also a convenient location close to the beach. read more

Tourists who plan to use the railway service are recommended to pay attention to the Hotel Cybelle. It is located near the train station and offers available prices.

How to choose the best hotel
There are always lots of tourists in Cannes and there are enough hotels here. The service ClickToTrip will help you not to get confused with so many hotels, to navigate the prices and choose the best option. With the help of ClickToTrip the choice of the hotel in Cannes will be the simplest step in preparation for the journe  it only takes a few minutesy, as opposed to the search of attire for dinner at the restaurant La Petite Maison de Nicole.

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