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Cologne hotels - where to stay

During the Second World War the only building left here was the Cathedral and the rest were destroyed to smash. It's hard to believe but gradually distinctive architecture was restored, and today Cologne is one of the favorite cities among the European tourists. Composed, in German manner, it still allows itself to get up to mischief during bright noisy celebrations.

What to do and what to see
In Cologne, there is a museum a visit to which will be the sweetest adventure. It is located on an artificial island where you can see how your favorite sweets are made and enjoy the chocolate figurines and even learn the tricks of selling chocolate. The most famous architectural landmark of the city is the Cologne Cathedral that affects with its grandeur and magnificent decor. If you want to admire it from the windows of the hotel feel free to reserve a room at the Excelsior Hotel Ernst – it is the closest hotel to the cathedral.

Lovers of flora are advised to visit a local botanical garden. Admirers of beer will be also very pleased here as the number of pubs per square kilometer leaves no chance to pass by. Most restaurants offer traditional hearty German cuisine so you should forget your diet for the holidays.

Where to stay
Many tourists trust only well-known hotels. If you prefer hotels belonging to the major chains then Hilton Cologne and Hyatt Regency are at your disposal. Both hotels offer a convenient location with luxury accommodation and the highest level of service that will ensure you a perfect stay in comfortable environment. read more

If you are looking for a more moderate hotel then you will surely enjoy Hotel Casa Colonia. It is a quiet place geared for a wonderful stay: low prices will save a little on vacation and elegant interiors will give you a sense of comfort and peace.

How to choose the best hotel
Choosing a hotel in Cologne it is easy to get confused. There are lots of hotels in the city and it is unlikely that you can see all the offers. However, you needn’t do this as the site ClickToTrip already has collected all the necessary information and you can use it free.

Compare prices now, reserve the desired hotel – amazing and unusual Cologne is ready to surprise you.

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