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Hamburg hotels - where to stay

There is a city where you can find magnificent architecture, great shopping, the world's largest cemetery and the museum of erotic art – all this can be seen in Hamburg that is also a home to the popular American sandwich.

What to do and what to see
Experienced travellers advise to go through Hamburg by subway: it is profitable and convenient as many lines pass by the main attractions. Walk to Chilehaus – an unusual building, more like a beautiful ship. An excellent leisure will be a walk around so-called shopkeepers’ houses that today house restaurants, souvenir shops, and even a museum. The Church of St. Peter which history goes back almost a thousand years is worth visiting as well. It makes sense to have a wander around trendy shops in Hamburg. In local stores there are the most popular European brands and more democratic German ones.

Some hotels in Hamburg are so well known that they can compete with the popular museums. One of them is the Hotel Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten that was founded more than a century ago. Despite such a venerable age this hotel is still one of the best in the city.

Where to stay
Recently another hotel in Hamburg has celebrated its centenary – Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg. It’s perfect snow-white facade has been a specific decoration of the city for more than a century and in one of the rooms the eighteenth part of "James Bond" was shooting. Those who want to live close to the train station and major entertainment should pay attention to the hotel ‘25 Hours’. read more

Unique stylish interiors will make your vacation brighter as well as high quality service.

How to choose the best hotel
It is important to choose the right hotel to ensure a great holiday. Previously you had to find information on each hotel in Hamburg, compare prices, location, and it might took a lot of time before you would choose the desired option. The service ClickToTrip did the most boring part of the job free and now you just need to decide on the price category of the hotel and start to pack your clothes.

Hamburg will do everything you not get bored and spend vacation with positive emotions.

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