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Berlin hotels - where to stay

Berlin is the city where you realize that Europe is for a reason called the Old World. Here modernity cannot come over loyalty to traditions and those who have visited the German capital hope that this would never happen. Quiet and cozy, vibrant and bustling, fantastic and sweet Berlin – you will never get bored here.

What to do and what to see
The uniqueness of Berlin lies in the possibility to see three different cities at the same time. Though the German capital is located on land there are lots of bridges and canals so the city is often called Venice in a German way. In the XIX century Berlin was awarded the title of “Athens on the Spree” - the importance of the city as a political, cultural and educational center is in no way inferior to the capital of ancient Greece. If you've always dreamed of seeing the Arc de Triomphe but the things came around so that you come to Berlin do not be upset – you can take photos of the Brandenburg Gate - they are not inferior in their beauty to the symbol of Paris. Those who know exactly how Federal Republic of Germany differed from the DDR can walk up to a piece of the Berlin Wall and touch, in the truest sense of the word, the historic attraction. Shopping in Berlin is a great pleasure. Perhaps you will not see so many trendy boutiques in any other European capital city where you can buy quality items at a reasonable price.

Where to stay
Berlin is the city of hotels – it is proudly declared in many tourist guides and this statement is quite reasonable. read more

There are lots of hotels here and each of them can boast of high quality European service. Next to the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag there is a luxury hotel Grand Hyatt where you can choose a room with a certain view of the city. Thanks to its nice interiors it is often called the picture of elegance in Berlin. Those who wish to live close to the Bellevue Palace should stay in One Berlin-Bellevue. From here you can also easily get to the airport. Art lovers will surely enjoy the hotel Precise Casa which is located close to the Berlin State Opera and other theaters.

How to choose the best hotel
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