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Guangzhou hotels - where to stay

Guangzhou will introduce you to the mysterious glow of China. A large and modern metropolis has not lost the spiritual connection with the past; the traditions of previous generations are cherished and honored here. It is amazing how many old buildings and ancient temples can be found alongside skyscrapers and transport junctions. The port of Guangzhou since ancient times is the connecting commercial hub of global impact. How colorful look the dragon boat races on the Pearl River in the background of complex structures of suspension bridges!

What to do and what to see
Parks add the charming hint to the urban landscape. In Guangzhou the park is not just a nice place for quiet walks but also a popular tourist attraction. A whole day can be devoted to Yuexiu Park with its museums, exhibitions, monuments where you can wander through the shady alleys, take pictures of landscapes, and have a picnic by the lake. Lanpu Orchid Garden is famous for the beauty of the blossoming orchids. Other parks also have their own charm, so you can choose which is the best for you.

Guangzhou is a true feast for foodies. Numerous cafes and restaurants serve soups, fried noodles, meat skewers, and, of course, a variety of seafood. The city center looks like a big market where everything is sold everywhere. On the pedestrian street Shangxiajiu there are shops with both well-known brands and handicraft goods. The night lights of Guangzhou are dazzling. In the evening go on a tour of the river sitting on the deck to admire the bright illumination of the city. read more

Where to stay
Opposite the Guangzhou TV Tower (Canton Tower), a stone's throw from the huge shopping center TeeMall, there are top-ranked hotels; Grand Hyatt, Four Seasons, The Ritz-Carlton. Around the Cathedral (Sacred Heart of Jesus) and the Flower Pagoda (Temple of the Six Banyan Trees) there are a lot of three-star hotels that are not expensive than 50 Euros / day; Guangzhou Bauhinia Hotel, Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Hotel. Still, the most economical option for a overnight stay are hostels and guest houses – about 10 Euros per bed, for example, Guangzhou Badou Youth Hostel, Langri Guesthouse. Hotels cost 30-60 Euros / day are available in other areas of Guangzhou, for example, next to the interesting zoo Xiang Jiang Safari Park.

How to choose the best hotel
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