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Chile hotels — where to stay

No wonder the name of the country of Chile is in tune with the famous hot pepper – a trip here will be really hot and unusual, and the taste of the holiday is unlikely to be forgotten even after many years. Mysterious Easter Island, stunning ski resorts in a tropical country, lots of sun, warm waves and exotic fruit will provide you with incomparable experience.

What to do and what to see
The capital of Chile is often compared with the capital of the 2014 Winter Olympics – you can easily change skiing to snorkeling the same day. However, such a comparison is hardly correct, as Santiago is ridiculous to compare with any city as there is nothing like on earth. In the capital you will easily get drunk because of wine restaurants on every corner and the hospitality of their hosts. Here, football is the deity, and it is difficult to find meat broth in restaurants (in Chile seafood is a national treasure). read more

The main attraction is, oddly enough, the market. The prices here may seem too high but the Chileans love to bargain more than eastern sellers do. You can take a break from the bustling city in a boutique hotel Le Reve that is located in a quiet green area of ​​the capital.

Tourists who want to enjoy the palm avenues and tropical flowers like Vina del Mar. This city offers the best beach tourism in the country, and a tour on the National Botanic Garden will take more than an hour. Despite the large number of tourists the hotel prices in Chile, including Vina del Mar are moderate. The cheapest hotel of the city is Santino that attracts customers with not only rates but also the convenient location (a walk to the beach takes about seven minutes).

It may seem that the natives have not heard about the snow at all. However, the Portillo Resort will easily challenge the stereotypes. The ski season begins with the arrival of summer and ends in mid-autumn. There is a single hotel in Portillo, but the number of rooms can be compared with the number of houses in an average village - there are six hundred and fifty.

Where to stay
Chile rightly bears the title of the place ideal for astronomical observations. There is one of the seven astronomical hotels that is located in the city of Paiguano and is called ‘Elqui Domos’. Small cozy cabins are equipped with a special retractable roof, at the hotel there are courses on operating the telescope, and the most interesting entertainment is a night horseback riding.

In Chilean Patagonia you can find even more unusual hotel called Montaña Mágica Lodge. It is located in the reserve and it seems fabulous: a real waterfall breaks down from a decorated stone facade. It is not easy to get to the most unusual hotel in Chile, but the impressions are worth it.

How to choose the best hotel
Can you imagine how difficult it was for the past generations to find suitable hotel without Internet? They had to search a telephone number, ring around favorite hotels, and then long to decide where to stay. Today, you can do it within a few minutes on the site ClickToTrip. Convenient system of price comparison will help you to quickly choose the right hotel in Chile and turn your holiday into an exciting adventure.

Sure, this hot tropical country has a lot to surprise and please you so feel free to go on a journey.

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