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Such paradise-like, secret places like Buzios are told about in private and whisper. After all, there are very few places in the world left where you can escape from the hustle and bustle, be on your own or with someone you love, enjoy the harmony of the nature. Buzios will give your soul rest, make you forget about daily responsibilities and anxieties. It's nice to feel soft sand under your feet, sip a refreshing drink through a straw sitting in a comfortable lounge chair and smiling to the sunbeams running on the waves. It is a relaxing stay way off alone!

What to do and what to see
There are 23 beaches in Buzios each of which has its own charm. Some attracts by walking paths: Canto-Amores-Virgens, Geribá-Ferradurinha; others are drawn by a continuous line: Rasa / B.Formosa-Manguinhos; others are very small and secluded: Caravelas, Foca, Olho de Boi (nudist beach). If you do not want walking you can use water taxi. Overland great Búzios Trolley bus runs. Surfers conquer the waves along the coast of José Gonçalves, Tucuns, Manguinhos. Calm waters of João Fernandes / João Fernandinho are more suitable for snorkeling. Children especially like swimming near the beach Tartaruga as the cold currents do not reach it. Young people prefer active sports on Geribá with many cheap guesthouses nearby (Chez Marine, Pousada Alto de Geribá, Pousada Chez Pitú, Pousada Casa da Praia, Pousada Geribá Palem). In Buzios there are golf courses, tennis courts, spas (Blue Tree Park Búzios). read more

Local fishermen promise to catch at least 20 fish per hour if you join them.

Where to stay
Entertainment street Rua das Pedras lies close to the beach Armação, the restaurants serve delicious seafood dishes. By nightfall the number of noisy audience increases, the bars are fulfilled, shops and office doors stay open until morning excursions. Buzios hotels are located near the beaches, what district to choose is up to you to decide: Pousada Praia Rasa, Pousada Bahiamarela, Ferradurinha Guest House, Hibiscus Beach Pousada. Ossos-Azeda/Azedinha (Pousada La Chimère, Pousada Janellas do Mar) is quite a popular district. Most luxurious villas cost up to 400 Euros/day (Cliffside Villa).

How to choose the best hotel
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