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Sydney hotels - where to stay

Sydney is not the capital of Australia but it deserves this title. However, no one doubts that this is the best Australian resort. There is everything for a great stay here: beautiful beaches, plenty of entertainment and attractions. Come to the home of kangaroos and see it for yourself.

What to do and what to see
Sydney beaches are known far beyond. Amazingly clear water, beautiful golden sand and waves attract tourists with surfboards, diving equipment and just with towels and tanning lotion. Sydney is convenient to admire from a height: there are walking tours through the arc of the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Tower observation deck. If you’d like to see something more majestic than just an Australian city then close to the Darling Harbour you can observe whales.

Those who do not want to part with gentle waves not only during the day but also at night will love the hotel on the pier. The Blue Sydney is recognized as one of the best hotels in Sydney. The small state on the water is sure to impress fans of the sea.

Where to stay
Many hotels in Sydney are included in the list of first-class hotels of Australia. One of them is dedicated to the Australian artist Tim Storrieru and called QuestPottsPoint. Each room of the hotel is decorated in a unique style that is sure to please the lovers of original interiors. If you dream of relaxing in a spa then Four Seasons Hotel is perfect for this purpose. In addition, this hotel is located next to the most famous landmark – the Sydney Opera House. read more

There is a spa salon in the hotel QT as well and the prices are a little lower there.

How to choose the best hotel
Australian tour may be the most memorable experience of your life and a good hotel in Sydney will make it even brighter. There are a lot of hotels in the city and not to get lost choosing them please visit ClickToTrip. Thanks to this service you will no longer need to search the information on the hotels in Sydney and compare prices – this is already done for you. You just need to think over walking routes and buy a suitable hat for the protection from the hot Australian sun.

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