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Argentina hotels — where to stay

One of the characters in the series "Dexter" was right when he said that everyone wants to get to Argentina. The birthplace of mate tea, passionate tango and Diego Maradona attracts tourists from all over the world. There is the highest dormant volcano and the longest street in the world, the gesture of a circular motion around the temple actually means mental process, and one of the radio stations broadcasts from an asylum. Only in Argentina ancient glaciers do not melt in the hot sun and the penguins walk along the sandy shores.

What to do and what to see
Having arrived to Argentina many tourists go to Patagonia. Jules Verne did not lie in his novels – there is a lot to see there. In the southern region of the country there are amazing blue glaciers, national parks where you can admire the penguins and sea lions. Patagonia can be called the end of the world because it is a stone's throw from Antarctica. read more

The North-West region is the second most popular. You can admire its beauty not only during walking but also from the window of the train going on the highest mountain railroad track in the world. The most lasting impression from the Littoral region will be IguazuFalls. Everything you've seen before can hardly compares to the water which is falling on from the height of just less than one hundred meters.

Argentina is the very country for an active holiday. You can take a few lessons of Argentine tango and visit the traditional February carnival on the streets of Buenos Aires; mountain river Bariloche attracts lovers of rafting; Mar del Plata is suitable for those who want to enjoy the warmth of the sun and conquer the ocean waves. Mysterious Cordoba is the best place to admire the architecture, Ushayu is the right choice for shopping, and it has been recently declared a zone of free trade. If you are fond of delicious food then you should know that the Argentines are proud of meats and almost did not eat fish. In addition, the country produces wonderful wine.

Where to stay
Hotels in Argentina deserve special attention. There are a lot of small hotels but not all of them match the claimed category. Therefore experienced travelers recommend staying in larger hotels belonging to the famous hotel chains, for example, InterContinental, Hilton, Mariott Plaza, Accor and others. Argentine hotels almost do not work on an "all inclusive" system so you should care for lunch and dinner all by yourself. However, this is not a problem as the Argentine cuisine is certainly worth tasting.

How to choose the best hotel
Planning a trip to Argentina care for the hotel reservation in advance. ClickToTrip will help you to do it the best way. We offer a free opportunity to compare hotel prices in Argentina and choose the one that suits you best. We will not let you spend too much time searching a suitable accommodation – even preparing to travel should be pleasant but not troublesome.

Feel free to choose the best hotel in Argentina and go to conquer the pampas and glaciers.

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