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Welcome to the flight search engine ClickToTrip!

Our system carefully checks the database of different airlines selecting all flights for the desired dates. You can see the results on the screen in a few seconds. If you collect the information about the flights by yourself it will take you a long time. ClickToTrip does this work in a moment and free!

ClickToTrip benefits and guarantees

  • You compare only relevant and reliable airline prices in real time.
  • There is a wide choice of flights from cheap air routes with transfers to regular direct flights.
  • There is online booking confirmation.
  • Our service is free!
  • Website ClickToTrip never adds its own interest or additional fees to the cost of the ticket.
  • There is an opportunity to buy tickets at a discount or on special airline promotions.
  • Reliable airline companies with proven experience provide the services.

Air travel tips

Study all luggage transportation rules on international and domestic routes – they may differ. For flights within small countries local airlines often impose restrictions on baggage weight of 10 kg (instead of usual 20 kg). You will have to pay excess luggage charges.

Do not forget to check your carry-on and take out, according to the instructions, sharp objects, liquids, etc.

When buying exotic souvenirs (shells, coral products, etc.) find out about the export permit, attach receipts / supporting documents. And keep receipts from Duty Free shops till the destination of the flight.

Try to rationally plan transfer time between the flights. The flight may be delayed for reasons beyond the control of the airline (weather conditions, for example). Then you have to wait for the next flight at the interlining airport.

On the airline site you can find the information with illustration of the samples about the transportation of oversize items such as musical instruments or strollers in the cabin.

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