Frequently Asked Questions

Как выбрать подходящий отель на сайте
  • How can I choose the right hotel with ClickToTrip?

    ClickToTrip created a convenient search engine for the choice of a hotel. To start the search process you need to specify the region, dates of your stay, number of guests. After that, you will see available options that meet the given parameters. Each hotel has its own page with the information on living conditions. Carefully study free and paid services of the hotel, guest reviews.

    To search a hotel taking into account specific parameters use filters: the presence of the internet, parking, swimming pool, etc. You can also choose hotels by star status, cost of living, theme (castle hotel, spa, family vacation). There is a map of the area displayed for each hotel. For example, if you are looking for a hotel near the airport then by opening the map you will see the location of all the hotels in the specified area. In other words, it is very easy for ClickToTrip to find only three-star hotels in the historic city center with parking, Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, costing up to $100 / day where you can spend a romantic weekend.

  • How can I find the best rates for the selected hotel?
    After you specify search criteria (dates, city) ClickToTrip will show you available accommodations. The prices of reservation operators can be found on the page with a description of the hotel. You need to compare the rates and determine the most profitable one. It's very easy because you see all the offers at once. It happens that operators put the same rate for the hotel then you can use the services of any reservation system. When the rates are different you should choose the most profitable conditions.
  • How much does ClickToTrip charge for its services?
    The services of ClickToTrip are completely free of charge. You can compare the prices of the booking operators any number of times, no fee will be charged for it. Use ClickToTrip free whenever necessary.
  • Does ClickToTrip change the rates of online booking operators or add its own interest?
    No! The website ClickToTrip honestly shows current rates of online booking operators involved in comparing with prices unchanged. We want the user not to look for a profitable offer by hand but quickly, conveniently and reliably compare prices on our site. The services of ClickToTrip are completely free of charge.
  • How do I know if there is Wi-Fi, parking, swimming pool and other necessary services in the hotel?
    ClickToTrip provides detailed description and explanation of living conditions that you need to know when choose a hotel: meal options, the time of check-in, free and paid services in the hotel such as dry cleaning, transfer, etc., the location of the hotel on the map. The information about hotels represented on ClickToTrip is accurate and comprehensive. Moreover, you can clarify anything on the website of the hotel; there are details (the address and telephone numbers) on the description page as well.
  • How can I know the opinion of other hotel customers?
    ClickToTrip shows not only all the available hotel rates but also the ratings on the sites of online hotel reservations. Study appraisal put for the cleanliness, service, and value for money and read the reviews. Relying on the opinions of other travelers you can often avoid unpleasant surprises at check-in.
  • What is the procedure of the reservation?
    The very process of reservation is made directly at the operator’s website. By choosing the best hotel rate you will be taken to the site of the online reservation operator that offers the rate. Then you can begin the process of booking according to the rules of the operator. You needn’t do any reservations on ClickToTrip. Our service allows only comparing prices with the purpose to find a profitable option.
  • What operator is responsible for the online reservation process?
    There is a list of rates set by different reservation operators on the page of every hotel. Once you have defined the best hotel deal you go to the operator’s website that will be responsible for the procedure of online booking. There you can solve all the problems related to reservations, rates, and special payment terms. The website ClickToTrip only allows hotel price comparison at all booking web sites but does not participate in further booking process.
  • How can I choose the best hotel reservation rates?
    All you need is to compare the prices offered by online booking operators. ClickToTrip gives the opportunity indicating all the possible rates for each hotel at once. Determine which operator offers the lowest price and go to its site to begin the reservation process. This way, you will always be sure that you have booked the hotel at the best rate.
  • What should I know about a minimum reservation fare?
    Quite often, the minimum booking fare is accompanied by specific conditions and restrictions set by the hotel. For example, there may be cancellation-booking fee that will be tied up on your credit card during the reservation process. In the case of free cancellation the hotel rate will be higher but you can freely change the date of the trip without compensation payment to the hotel. An online reservation operator will indicate booking details. Therefore, when choosing the best rate you should take into account not only the price but also the booking conditions.
  • Are special and limited time offers involved in price comparison?
    Yes. If any online booking operator has discount offers then you will see them in the list of standard rates. With ClickToTrip you will always find the most profitable option.
  • Are the fares compared by ClickToTrip valid?
    Yes. We bindingly confirm that the prices given by online booking operators and compared by ClickToTrip are the same as that shown on operators’ websites. We will never overestimate or underestimate fares of online booking systems. We offer fair price comparison on behalf of our users.
  • Where can I find the phone number and address of the hotel?
    ClickToTrip provides detailed description, illustrations, list of services including the contact details of every hotel. Since we are working on behalf of our users providing only reliable data and fares we consider it necessary to specify the contact details of the hotel. You can always clarify unknown things directly at the hotel or verify the authenticity of our information.
  • How can I find a hotel on the map?
    The map is presented next to the illustrations including pictures of the room, interior, exterior of the building. By opening the map you can see the location of the hotel relative to other hotels, transportation hubs, shopping centers, and infrastructure landmarks. On a detailed map of the region there are all available hotels. If you set specific parameters by the filter then hotels satisfying these conditions will be highlighted on the map.
  • What should I do if I need a parking lot or an extra bed in the room?
    If you want to use any of the hotel facilities, free or paid, you should state it in the appropriate form while making the reservation on the online operator website. It is better to contact the hotel and clarify the possibility of providing the required service. You will find contact details on the description page of the hotel.
  • Are the breakfast and other amenities included in the room rate?
    To find out what services are included in the room rate you should carefully examine the information both on ClickToTrip and the online booking operator responsible for this procedure. You will find different reservation fare, free of charge and additional paid services such as breakfast, parking and internet for the rooms of different categories. The sign ‘free of charge’ indicate everything included in the room rate. If you have questions you can clarify the details by the online booking operators or contact the hotel directly: contact details can be found on the page of every hotel.
  • Are taxes included in the reservation rates?
    Every online reservation operator indicates if the taxes are included in the room rate, or vice versa, if it will be added to the price. Pay attention to this in the process of comparing prices of the online booking operators. It is important because the price without tax may be in total higher than the price with the tax already included.
  • What is the Shortlist?

    Shortlist is your personal list of favorite hotels selected and stored on ClickToTrip. You can create Shortlist and share it via social networks to be able to choose hotels with other members of the trip. Shortlist is a table into which hotels are entered for a comparative analysis on all parameters. Each column of the table shows the presence or absence of various hotel services. Thus, hotels are very easy to compare with each other.

    The website ClickToTrip stores your created Shortlist which can be accessed at the log in the site with the same device: a mobile phone, computer, etc.

  • How does the reservation procedure go?
    Hotel reservation is carried out by online booking systems in accordance with the orders of each operator. ClickToTrip is not involved in the booking process and cannot be responsible for it. After you compare prices of different online booking operators and chose the best deal with ClickToTrip you go to the operator’s website to process your booking. All actions related to the payments, are made under the control of an online booking operator.
  • What rates does ClickToTrip compare?
    The service ClickToTrip compares the rates provided by online booking operators. All the prices are accurate at the time of comparison. To prevent the user from manually searching the best rates our site shows all existing offers by a single list. We never change the rates of online booking operators, make our rates, or add our interest to the provided fares.
  • Do I need to make an advance payment or deposit for a hotel?
    Hotels usually do not require payments in advance. It is made in the course of their stay or upon checkout. Still there are cases when the hotel introduces special conditions. Often, the minimum rate at the hotel is the cancellation-booking fee. In such cases, the hotel may tie up the funds on your credit card for charge. Online reservation systems usually explain the payment procedure for special rates. You will also receive confirmation information from the booking operator.
  • What booking conditions may affect the price?
    A number of conditions and restrictions that are important to take into account sometimes accompany the minimum reservation fare. The necessary information is always listed on the online booking sites – it is necessary to pay attention to it. Often, the minimum rate at the hotel is the cancellation-booking fee. In some cases, the hotel may tie up the funds on your credit card for charge. Fares with free cancellation are a little higher, but they are not subject to fee and do not require deposit. When choosing the best rate you should carefully study the reservation conditions of each operator.
  • Is the payment for the hotel made on ClickToTrip?
    Hotel payments are not made on ClickToTrip! The whole booking process including actions with credit cards is carried out on the online booking operator’s site which offer you decide to use. The website ClickToTrip allows you only to select the operator with the best rate for your hotel but has nothing to do with the further booking procedure.
  • Does the site ClickToTrip ask for data from credit cards?

    No! ClickToTrip under no circumstances require data from credit cards because it has no relation to the booking procedure and payment. The whole booking process including actions with credit cards is carried out on the online booking operator’s site which offer you decide to use. ClickToTrip allows you only to select the operator with the best rate for your hotel.

    Be careful: ClickToTrip never, under no pretext, send an e-mail with a request to provide your credit card data.

  • How can I log on?
    To log on ClickToTrip fill in the form indicating all of the required parameters. The process does not take long. To successfully complete the registration you will be sent a link to confirm to your e-mail.


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